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Excellent as always! I anticipate the next one on pins and needles. XD

I don't know why everyone says there are so many games out there in the world. There's only one and that's "Streets of Rage 2." I'm assuming that the game is based off a book or movie, seeing as how there couldn't have been a "Streets of Rage 1" because there are no other games besides "Streets of Rage 2."

Oh SexuaLobster, don't ever change.

ADASport responds:

We hope he never will!

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This is a fantastic tool to practice lip syching with! I already did one with "dot dot dot", and it was so easy! Thanks guys!

TomFulp responds:

Thank YOU!

Funny as hell!

"Yeah it was a stupid idea, foshizzle my nizzle." Loved the end!


Do NOT BLAM THIS! It is soooo frakin' aewsum! It maks mee tink aboot all of the oldd RPG's of old. I mis thosse kinds of games and wish somune wold maek them all over agian. Think yuo for thias game. Ive played it more than once and that is an acompliskment. Yuo shold make a sequel to this! That would bee so coool! But make sure it has the same gamelpay beacuase I hate it when a sequel to a game comes out and it plays so much differentaly. It is definatally an awesume game and diserves a SEQUEL! PLeeze make one! AlSO, if anyone think this game is crap needs to play more RPG's to reaslize that this is a parody game, not meant to be taken seriousley, thats whut makes it greet! This is a great game and should be known as such!

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Full of GOO! Love how it got harder in the middle brosky.

I liked it, but the ending felt cut off. Maybe you should remake the end to quickly work its way back down to the drums at the beginning, kind of like, "Holy balls, look how much we can make now, and all we started with were drums." Other than that though it's pretty damn cool. The end was rough sex in my ears btw.

Wicked cool as always my good man. Remastered version's a lot cleaner, but then again I liked the gritty dirty sound of the earlier version too. They are both awesome versions with subtle differences and it's just enough to make me enjoy them both.

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Fantastic work as always!

Adorable. Keep up the good work girly. And by the way, is that a real shirt, cuz it's cute.

poliip responds:

Thanks! Yes, I have a T-shirt like that :D

omnom indeed poliip. :) Great work as always.

I love reading stupid comics so now I make stupid comics. Please join me on a trip to the moon, or Hell, or wherever dude I don't care. Pfffftgtgydfbvbvre,r ukb,.

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